Drinkwater Sounds

Songwriting & Collaboration | Backing Tracks | Film & Game Scores


Here's a sampling of the original songs written and recorded at Drinkwater Sounds.

  1. Bedouin Fire Song
  2. Farewell, Susan Delgado (ft. Thomas Shires - guitar)
  3. Freak Thumb (ft. Jared Pease - drums)
  4. Sunburn



In addition to working with bands and musicians, Drinkwater Sounds also produces film and videogame soundtracks. We've even been known to produce and direct a couple of indie films ourselves.

The Digger (trailer)

Blood Brothers (full short film)


Drinkwater Sounds is a small recording studio in New York.

We can add guitar, bass, keys, percussion or ambience/noise to your tracks.

We compose songs, assist in songwriting and score film and games.

We strive to be as masterful of the recording tools at our disposal.

Here are what some fine folks are saying about Drinkwater Sounds:

  • "Drinkwater is great. They added that right sort of slinky sauce to my latest short film!" -Tyrell Jackson, big-shot director
  • "This guy delivers." -Sasha Santiago, director, head honcho of Moonshine Films
  • "Drinkwater Sounds really helped with the dreamy ambiance I was looking for." -Millicent Encarnacion, new media artist


Every project has different needs and budgets can vary wildly. Our goal is to deliver exceptional results at the most affordable prices. Contact us for a consultation and allow us to work out a price that'll perfectly serve your needs.